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Production: Executive Producers: Susan Regis, Carol Matas; Producers: Sam Salas, Kim Sutcliffe, Joe Trousdell; Directors: Susan Regis; Writers: Sam Salas, Kim Sutcliffe; Cinematographer: Joe Hernandez; Editor: Sam Salas Episodes: Other Network Story Dates November 2, 2013 June 28, 2013 November 16, 2013 Special Airdate Production Cast: Elise and her daughter Léa Cécile Other Characters Villagers Production Crew Location: Carinthia, Austria Carlsbad, Spain Check local listings. Carlsbad, Spain. Elise Léa Dominique Ludovic Ludovic and Cécile René Georgette René and Léa Cécile's parents Paul Paul and Elise Paul's friend Other Villagers Population Languages Spoken: German Spanish What a tangled web we weave… Plot Title The French woman Elise has traveled all around the world, leaving the child she had adopted in Carinthia in Austria to live with relatives. But now her daughter Léa is growing up and she wants to be back with her. When Elise hears that the village is looking for a new shop owner, she goes to take the job on. She is overwhelmed by the customs of the village and the strict morals it imposes on the people, but she stays determined to open the chocolate shop and be accepted by the villagers. Setting As we see Elise taking her daughter for a walk, we hear the musical score we've come to expect in Europe. She walks past the chateau she has just left, then into the village. A procession of villagers carrying the statue of their patron saint pass Elise. She follows them out of the village and as the music fades in, we see that the procession stops at a church. The statue of the saint has all the female villagers, including Elise, standing in a line. Elise says her prayers and wishes she had some chocolate. The village of the chocolate



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Filme Chocolate Johnny Depp Download Torrent goldgee

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